March 2016 issue 16

Details of the Government’s extension of the right to buy are still sketchy. By May it should be clear. If you want to find out more our Home Ownership Officer Jenny Guest is here to help. We will also keep our website up-to-date. Click here for more.

To ensure we offer the best customer service our Neighbourhood Officers often rotate the areas they serve. You will have been contacted by your new officer. Find out more here

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More than 200 people in Colchester could be given opportunities enabling them to secure jobs - thanks to two new Colne projects. We have teamed up with Swarm Apprenticeships and Qube Learning to provide real apprenticeships and training.
Alistair Heron, Colne’s Partnerships and Business Development Manager said: “We are proud to be creating new opportunities not only for our residents, be they job seekers or employers, but across the borough of Colchester.”
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Our Digby House office in Colchester will be modernised in April. We will ensure Customer Services are not affected. You can still come in and see us, we will be on the second floor not the first while the work is under way.

Helping solve the housing crisis remains a top priority for Colne. We are committed to building a range of homes and are currently developing in Chelmsford and Harwich.

Aaron Services who service and repair heating systems in your homes will be continuing to work with us. Their contract has been renewed for another year.

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