Free giveaway to help you save money! Energy bills are the top financial concern for households. Some of our customers have helped Colne launch a winter campaign called #reduce2save.

#reduce2save aims to highlight the positive and practical actions that will help you take control of bills and save energy.

We are giving away free energy saving packs for your home containing a range of environmentally friendly and cost savings items.

To request a #reduce2save pack or to find out more:

• contact your Neighbourhood or
Scheme Officer

• or e-mail

• or call Kay on 01206 244726

•	Fill up empty space in  your fridge •	Wash clothes on a 30 degree cycle •	Set heating on low all throughout the day  •	Compare energy costs at

Have you a great tip to share?
Let us know or why not share it with your community on Facebook/colnehousing or
Twitter @colnehousing #reduce2save
You can also check out our other top energy saving tips here.

Gas Man


Your Safety matters

Colne ensures a gas safety check is carried out in your home each year. It is important we are able to get into your home to do this so please respond to the appointment request as soon as you can.

Thank you.

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