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Build homes for sale in

areas which provide the

best returns to allow

Colne to invest in more

affordable homes in our

local area

Increase our influence in

the region by building

on our status as a

trusted partner, locally

and regionally

Use our strong balance

sheet, financial performance

and reputation to deliver a

range of housing solutions

that give rental and

affordable home ownership

opportunities to people in

north Essex and Suffolk

and beyond

Continue to provide the best

services but in a way which

reflects the needs of our

customers, based on customer

insight and feedback

Achieve the capacity to work

with local authorities on

regeneration, economic

development and social care

agendas so we can build on

our existing provision

Support communities

through initiatives like Colne

Community Builders;

ensuring that funding

directly contributes to the

lives of Colne residents in

their local area

We acknowledge that Colne is on a modernisation journey.

We are remodelling the business to build on our strengths

and to address our areas for improvement because we want

to weather the storm of external challenges and drivers.

As a business, we want to become agile and flexible and we

want to fulfil our full potential. We want to be bigger, better

and bolder. These are the success measures that will take us

forward into 2016 and beyond.

Colne has reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining

an absolute grip on value for money so our strategy

can enable us to: