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Required outcome

/ Key issues to consider


Growth of the My Plan

service amongst our

existing customers in

general needs and private


Publish an evaluation of the project at

the end of three years with specific

targeted profiling of the benefits

delivered to service-users and the value

for money approach

Develop and agree a sustainable model

for the service

Agree and implement a communication

and promotional strategy

March 2017

To position Colne as the

lead local provider

promoting aspiration and

community self

determination. In doing so

we demonstrate the

broader socio-economic

impact of Colne’s

investment in housing and

delivery of individually

tailored quality services

Our approach to

Community Investment will

focus on life skills,

employability and training

with outcomes providing

evidence of financial self

reliance and wellbeing

Establish robust partnerships to enable

a broad range of local employability

services/life skills/training offers at local


Evidence of a vibrant resident

empowerment culture within Colne

Develop and deliver a strong model of

scrutiny operating at Board level,

actively improving services to

customers whilst providing project

management expertise to residents

Promote an intelligent grant making

programme which responds to

identified local need and builds

community capacity and resilience

Be a catalyst for community led

development and regeneration

March 2017


Achieve the capacity to work with local authorities on

regeneration, economic development and social care

agendas so we can build on the existing provision

Support communities through initiatives like Colne

Community Builders; ensuring that funding directly

contributes to the lives of Colne residents in their

local area