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Required outcome

/ Key issues to consider


Maintain an absolute grip

on value for money

A refreshed value for money plan

which delivers sustainable savings,

greater efficiency and effectiveness

July 2016

An Asset Strategy which uses assets to

improve our cash position and enables

more homes to be delivered

May 2016

Develop and implement a procurement

delivery plan which builds on existing

policy and enhances innovation

Dec 2016

Maintain the strength

of Colne’s business plan

to maximise the

opportunities available

to our organisation

Retain our AA- credit rating

Dec 2016

A treasury strategy, plan and policy

which enables Colne to deliver its

development strategy and which

reduces the cost of debt.

May 2016

Review and re-launch the

Private Sector Leasing


Secure express support of relevant local

authorities in our priority localities

Dec 2016

Support the local economy by working

with private landlords to let their


Improve the standard of privately

rented properties available to those in

housing need

Support the regulation of the private

rented sector


Use our strong balance sheet, financial performance and

reputation to deliver a range of housing solutions that give

rental and affordable home ownership opportunities to

people in north Essex and Suffolk and beyond