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Being a builder

of homes

The homes we provide will be a response to the

needs of current and future Colne communities.

We will offer a range of rent and ownership

products that are accessible to the markets in

which we operate.

We will continue to deliver homes through Iceni

if it makes business sense to do so – we believe

that our 10 year partnership with others reflects

our belief in adding value through relationships.

We will look at other models of delivery to

ensure that our commitment to build homes

for sale enables us to protect and grow our

commitment to social housing. We will build

homes for sale anywhere that gives us the

best values and the greatest opportunity to

re-invest in our social commitments.

Being an asset


Our assets are our strength. We will forward

plan to five years the works that will be required

to keep a Colne home the best home it can be.

We will make business decisions based on sound

data and evidence and will actively rationalise

our assets to ensure they work hard to keep us

financially strong and regionally active.

Being a community


Our approach to Community Investment will

focus on life skills, employability and training

with outcomes providing evidence of financial

self-reliance and wellbeing. We will build on

our Community Builders Fund and continue

our positive relationship with Foundation East.

Being a resilient


Our commitment is to be a resilient business

able to be fleet of foot; capable of facing the

head winds and knowing when to make the right

decisions at the right time for the right reasons.

We aim to keep operating margins at 35% and

will always aim to maintain our AA- credit rating.

We will be clear about continuous improvements

year on year. We will set stretching key performance

indicators and annual value for money targets,

which reflect doing the right things in the right

way. We will encourage innovation and be open to

investigating new business streams, sharing services

and working with others differently if there is clear

evidence to the “why?” and “what for?”

We will be brave about having difficult

conversations to make sure we support our people

and our customers through demanding times.

Our people will be recruited for the right

behaviours and skills for the job required. We

will trust our people to make the right decisions

and we will utilise and grow their skills to ensure

their personal success and the success of Colne.

We will provide a transparent and safe environment

with clear boundaries, systems and processes which

ensure we have a fully competent, confident and

accountable workforce.

We will build a resilient leadership model across

Colne, adopted by both existing managers and

the right leaders of the future. Our managers will

be progressive in their outlook to life. They will

provide consistent leadership in line with our

values and expected behaviours and they will be

highly skilled (but not always in a technical way).

They will understand business and the essential

ingredients of great business.