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Our landlord service offer will not be based on

tenure but on the needs of people. We will not

operate in silos – our service offer will be

responsive and offer great value for all residents.

We will be really transparent about how we

provide our services and in collaboration with

customers we will shape a range of offers.

We know that 84% of contact by telephone

with all residents is for repairs and maintenance

(in maintenance we include cleaning and

gardening). We will invest in these services

the most to ensure they are delivered in a

way that significantly reduces the need for

customers to contact us.

Our communication as a landlord will be

paramount. It will be digital by default, simple

and on a need to know basis. We will not “do”

to our residents but include them through a

range of techniques and options to ensure that

they own their neighbourhoods and are part

of the decisions taken in them.

Being a Landlord

These offers will ensure:

Our most vulnerable customers

get the individual support they need

Customers who are independent get the services

they want – not everything we offer