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On 1 July 2020, we merged with Greenfields Community Housing to form Eastlight Community Homes. Click here for the latest information on Covid-19 service changes.

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Residence transformations benefit older people

Wed 19 December 2018

We are very happy to unveil our latest Colchester housing refurbishments. Colne’s long running retirement schemes, New Farm Lodge in Stanway, and Alderman Howe Lodge in Highwoods, have seen a new lease of life with communal lounge makeovers. These new improvements have been made because meeting customer needs and safety always lies at the core of Colne’s work. Both spaces are dramatically refreshed, and are now areas which are better for group socialising and reflect the personality of our residents.

Accessibility for residents with limited mobility has been improved with new wooden flooring and higher coffee tables. The varied depths and heights of the new armchairs cater for all individual needs. Communal and casual self-organised meals are now more pleasant with updated dining tables and chairs, which also provide enough support and comfort for group activities. Meanwhile, the new lounge chairs are noticeably better set up for flexible group interaction.

Amanda Clare, our Tenancy Sustainment Officer, says “we would like to congratulate our team for excelling in thinking through these redesigns carefully and meticulously. We chose high quality furnishings at every stage of the consultation with our residents to ensure the spaces are comfortable and long lasting for every single person’s needs. The new areas have instantly and dramatically improved our residents’ lives, which has been felt through all of the positive feedback we have received.” One mobility aid user at New Farm Lodge said “I feel much safer moving about because the floors are so smooth and even.”

Colne is aware that great places are conceptual as much as they are physical. Updates must be designed in mind of the ways people experience spaces mentally, as well as how people perceive them physically. As a result of taking action with this in mind, the results have not only been safer, but independence boosting. The warmer modern spaces have led to a change in attitude; the residents feel more interested in shaping Colne on a wider scale.  

We are thankful to everyone who has been involved with this redesign and we hope to see many equally successful ones in the future.

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Residence transformations benefit older people

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