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On 1 July 2020, we merged with Greenfields Community Housing to form Eastlight Community Homes. Click here for the latest information on Covid-19 service changes.

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Customers: Your safety is our top priority

Fri 16 June 2017

The safety of our customers and our people is our top priority.

Download our Health and Safety Guide.

As your landlord, our priority is to ensure Colne residents feel safe in their homes.  

Colne does not have any high rise properties, all our blocks of flats are five storeys or less.  We carry out regular fire risk assessments and are currently double checking they are in order. If you would like a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment for your block please contact us.

How Colne keeps you safe in your home

  • Our responsibilities 
  •  We are responsible for meeting landlord Health and Safety standards in your home – and we take this very seriously.
  • To enable you to know what to do should a fire start, we provide you with fire-service approved advice.
  • We encourage you to report any concerns to us.
  • We comply with all Government fire regulations.
  • We carry out regular fire safety checks of our properties.
  • We regularly train our officers to do fire and risk checks.
  • We regularly check all our blocks of flats to ensure they are as safe as they can be.
  • We have a zero tolerance approach to items blocking communal hallways, they may prevent you from escaping.

Advice for Colne residents living in a 'general needs' block of flats with a communal area

  • There will be a fire action notice in the communal area – make sure you know what it says.
  • You can ask us for your own copy of it.
  • Do not store items such as prams and bicycles in hallways, they could block your escape.
  • Do not have bbqs on your balcony.
  • If the fire is not in your flat, the safest option is to stay put in your flat with the door shut.
  • 'Stay put' is a national policy approved by the fire service. We have checked that it is the safest option for you. Your building is not the same as Grenfell Tower, firefighters would be able to tackle a blaze from the ground and rescue residents from their flats.

If you live in a Colne house

  • Make sure everyone in your house is familiar with the escape route.
  • Do not block the route with prams, bicycles and other items.
  • Make sure the exit is clear, especially before you go to bed.
  • Test your smoke alarm every week

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you feel safer.

Report any concerns you may have regarding fire safety to our Customer Services Team (01206 244700) so we can immediately investigate them.

Thank you for your co-operation. Be alert, keep safe.

We are listening.

Frequently asked questions

Q How do I know what to do if I live in a block of flats?

A. There are fire action notices in the communal areas – please familarise yourselves with them.

Q. Can I have my own information in my flat?

A. If you would like a copy of the fire action notice inside your flat – please contact our Customer Services Team.

Q. What if I live in a block of flats and there is a fire in another part of the building?

A. If you live in a Colne 'general needs' flat with communal areas and the alarm sounds and the fire is not in your flat, the safest option is to stay put, unless instructed otherwise by the Fire Service. 

Q. Can I have a fire safety check at my home?

A. Some fire and rescue services offer a free home fire safety visit. They will inspect your home to help you spot any potential fire hazards and show you what to do to reduce or prevent the risk of fire.

Q. How do I get a fire safety visit?

A. Contact your local fire and rescue service for more information.See contact details on the Health and Safety Guide.

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Customers: Your safety is our top priority

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