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Customers: please keep safe from bees

Tue 12 July 2016

Colne  is currently working closely with Chelmsford City Council to ensure we are doing everything we can after customers reported a swarm of honey bees outside a two-storey window on a block of flats at Brassie Wood, Chelmsford.

We are awaiting an update from the council at present, (14:30 July 12) following a visit today from their pest control operative. 
Bees are a protected species, meaning a licensed specialist must be employed to handle them. Due to the swarm being at height the situation is more complex, as the specialist must be insured to work at height.

We are advising residents:

•  Do not  disturb the bees
•  Do not spray with insecticide
•  Keep windows closed where possible.

Michelle Lock, Head of Customer Service at Colne , said: “Four customers who live in  a block of flats owned  by Colne in Brassie Wood, Chelmsford,  have contacted us this week to let us know about the swarm.   We are doing everything we can to enable our residents to keep safe and are updating them regularly by phone, Facebook and the Colne website. “We asked a pest control operative from Chelmsford City Council to visit the property. He has advised Colne that the swarm of honey bees is a protected species and likely to move on in a few days.
“We sympathise with the residents affected and have explained that pest control cannot be used in this instance. A suitably-insured  licensed bee keeper would need to be involved to work at this height and both Colne and our customers are trying to find one.

“We urge residents to remain calm, not to disturb the bees or spray them with insecticide . Bees are usually docile this time of year but when aggravated, will sting.”

If you are licensed a beekeeper who could help please contact us on 01206 244700.
For further advice click here:  www.chelmsford.gov.uk/bees

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Customers: please keep safe from bees