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Your Income Management Advisors

Talk to our Income Management Team

Our Income Management Team is responsible for the collection of all rental income and recovery of rent arrears. If you are struggling to pay your rent and require help or advice, please contact us for assistance.

Our Income Management Advisors are:

Susan Emmet

Direct dial: 01206 244729
Mobile: 07766 724711
Email: susan.emmet@colnehousing.co.uk

Rachael Davey

Direct dial: 01206 244741
Mobile: 07896 923760
Email: rachael.davey@colnehousing.co.uk

Denise Pearson

Direct dial: 01206 244723
Mobile: 07801 623907
Email: denise.pearson@colnehousing.co.uk

Emily Robbins

Direct dial: 01206 244766 
Email: emily.robbins@colnehousing.co.uk