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Anti Slavery Statement

Our statement

Colne Housing fully supports the principle aims of the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) 2015.

The terms and conditions of employment offered by us means that slavery cannot exist within the company’s workforce.

All existing suppliers of products, goods and services have been asked to confirm that they, and any sub-contractor they employ, comply with the MSA. All new partners will be required to confirm that they comply with the MSA as part of the contract with us.

Our employees have been advised what they should do in the event they become aware of any indication that:

  • An employee of a provider of products goods or services to us appears to be the subject of slavery
  • Where a resident of a property may be involved in assisting some form of slavery e.g. by allowing or facilitating multi-occupation of their home (fully or partially

Employees are required to report any suspicion of a breach of the MSA to the Chief Executive.

What actions will be taken?

No specific budget has been allocated to carry out this compliance as it is an integral part of our policies and processes.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the day to day compliance with the Act.

Specific risks are considered to be limited but may be possible in cleaning contracts or sub-letting tenancies.

In the event there is a suspicion of a breach of the MSA, Colne Housing’s Chief Executive will arrange for due diligence into parties that pose a particular risk by gathering further information about them and carrying out appropriate investigations to identify what the exact risk is and where it might lie.

Colne’s existing whistleblowing policy includes a reference to the MSA.

Published: 5 April 2018

Leigh Tate
Business Assurance Manager, Colne Housing