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Your Rights and Responsibilities

You have specific rights and responsibilities as a resident, and we have certain rights and responsibilities as a landlord. These are set out in detail in your Tenancy Agreement and also summarised in your Residents Handbook.

For more information about subjects such as passing on your tenancy, the right to buy, repairing obligations or your right to be consulted, please contact your Housing Officer on 01206 244700.

Latest on Right to Buy 2

The Government is discussing putting Right To Buy 2 in place under the new Housing Bill. 

This would open up the Right to Buy for tenants who currently only have the Right to Acquire (ie Assured Tenancy holders).

Those eligible will have the right to buy their home at a substantial discount.

Five housing associations are trialling the new Right to Buy 2 scheme to confirm the eligibility criteria and how the process will work moving forward. Colne is not involved in the trial but will be learning from it.

If you hold an Assured Tenancies we advise you begin enquiring about the Right to Buy on your home from May onwards, when there should be more information available.

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