Colne Housing


Readers panel

We send leaflets to members of this panel before they’re printed, for their comments and suggestions. This makes sure all of our leaflets are ‘resident approved’, and includes the necessary information, presented in a suitable way.


Smiley FaceCompliments

Knowing what we’re doing well is just as helpful as knowing what we need to change. Let us know what we do right by clicking here.


Neighbourhood walkabouts

Your Neighbourhood Officer (and Local Neighbourhood Rep, if you have one) inspect your neighbourhood on a regular basis. You’re welcome to join any walkabout in your area, and this is a great opportunity to talk face to face with your Neighbourhood Officer about how you and your neighbours feel about where you live, and what improvements we can make. Get in contact with your Neighbourhood Officer here.


Have your say days

Your Neighbourhood Officer also arranges Have Your Say Days for your road or neighbourhood. This is a chance for everyone to meet staff, and tell us how you feel about where you live, and the services you all receive.


Home visits

We offer home visits as part of our VOICES commitment to you. If you need someone to visit you, simply telephone the office, and a member of staff will arrange to come to see you in your home.


E-mail, telephone, text and postal surveys

Surveys are an easy way to give us your feedback, especially if you are short on time.



We have a complaints procedure in place, so that if something leaves you less than satisfied with us as a landlord, we find the cause and put it right. If you would like to make a complaint to us, please click here


Group of people on a swing

Board membership

We have a commitment to having four residents on our board of management. If you have an interest in housing, and feel you would have something to contribute to our board please get in touch


Local Neighbourhood Reps

Our team of Local Neighbourhood Reps are the representative voice for residents in their neighbourhood. They let us know what improvements they and their neighbours want to see in their local area, and let us know if we’re keeping to the standards we set out


Resident Committee

The Resident Committee is one of the newest and more formal methods of becoming involved with Colne. Following a wide recruitment campaign, eight residents were recruited onto the committee and the Resident Committee was launched in June 2013. The Resident Committee has two key aims; firstly to act as a representative voice for Colne residents and secondly, to monitor and challenge services provided by Colne. We are currently looking for more residents to join us so  please contact Sophie Donnelly on 01206 244717 to find out more. To see what we discussed at our last meeting in September 2013, please download the minutes.


Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is where you contact a company anonymously, and rate the service you receive from its staff. You normally have a particular question to ask, or a task to carry out, to help you rate this service. We run these projects every year, so let us know if you’d like to be one of our Mystery Shoppers.


Want to have your say but don’t have the time?

Go to our Colne Contacts page for more information.

What would you like to do?

If you are interested in finding out what opportunities we have available, please email